Getting Howard Stuck
Bill Maloney

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01HowardPlungesIn 02NowHesStuck 03FirstWinchAttempt 04ReelingItIn 05ButHesNotMoving
Howard Plunges In Now He's Stuck First Winch Attempt Reeling It In But He's Not Moving!
06ComeHereLittleGirl 08ChristineGetsDraggedIntoHowardsClutches 09WhenAllElseFailsCallAFireman 10RonGetsDraggedBackToo 11SomethingsNotRight
Come Here Little Girl Christine Gets Dragged Into Howards Clutches When All Else Fails Cal A Fireman Ron Gets Dragged Back Too Something's Not Right
12AttemptingToFreeTheDrivetrain 13DoesntLookGood 14AnotherTry 15ADoubleAnchorPull 16AnchorsAway
Attempting To Free The Drivetrain Doesn't Look Good Another Try A Double Anchor Pull Anchors Away


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