Replacing the BGB's Timing Chain And Head Gasket, 2004
Bill Maloney

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01SettingEP 02SettingEP 03OldTimingMarks 04CrudInTheValveArea 05NewChainVSOld
Setting Exhaust Peak Setting Exhaust Peak The old Timing Marks. One tooth off Crud In The Valve Area New Chain VS Old. The old has a bit more flex
06OffWithTheHead 07TheProblemAppears 08TharSheBlows 09DixonCanCookAfterAll 10PerfectlyServicable
Off With The Head The Problem Appears Thar She Blows! Dixon Can Cook After All Perfectly Servicable!
11ItLooksGrimEvenToDixon 12TimeOutForAHealthyCanadianHomoBreakfast 13ItsClean 14REALLYClean 15AGreySquirrelThatLivedInTheBGBsEngineBayBeforeWeCleanedIt
It Looks Grim Even To Dixon Time Out For A Healthy Canadian Homo Breakfast! It's Clean!!! REALLY Clean!!! A Grey Squirrel That Lived In The BGB's Engine Bay Before We Cleaned It

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