Al Richer fabricates a new plate on each side of the frame to repair the torn out frame bushing tube
Bill Maloney

08bush 09bush 10bush 11bush 12bush
Al grinds away the bad metal Cleaned surface ready for welding Measure twice, weld once Al squares up and welds the tube to the new plate Al gets back at it
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Clamping the tube into place The first tack weld Welding begins Welding upside down. A very nasty job Almost done
Finished product

It was 4 days before the OVLR summer rally. I had been going over the Land Rover, topping off all the lubricants and greasing what could be greased when I noticed the front frame bushing had torn out of the frame. There was no way I could get it repaired in the time I had, so I resigned myself to go in my Honda, and come home and find a welder to have the repair done. Al came to the rescue and offered to do the welding after work on my way up. He does excellent work and I was really fortunate to have him offer to help me out. Al was a real life saver.