Fleet Submarine USS Ling SS-297 in Hackensack, NJ

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01LingOnRiver 02LingOnRiver 03USSLingBow 04USSLingConningTower
01 SS-297 Ling On River 02 Ling On the Hackensack River 03 USS Ling Bow 04 USS Ling Conning Tower
05LingOnRiver 06USSLingConningTower 07LingOnRiver 08USSLingBow
05 USS Ling On the Hackensack River 06 USS Ling Conning Tower 07 Ling On the Hackensack River 08 USS Ling Bow
09BowPlane 10USSLingConningTower 11OerlikonCannon 12USSLingBow
09 USS Ling SS-297 Bow Plane 10 USS Ling Conning Tower 11 Oerlikon 20mm Cannon 12 USS Ling Bow

I remember my dad taking me to see the Submarine Ling when I was a kid. It seemed so huge at the time and it's still pretty big. Although there weren't the other exhibits you see today it was still a trip I remember fondly. Dad served as an electrician's mate on the Destroyer Escort Bangust during WWII.

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