Submarine USS Ling SS-297 - Engine Room
Bill Maloney
Image removed at the request the USS Ling Museum

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13EngineStartSwitch 14HeatSinks 15ExhaustShutoffValve 16GuagePanel
13EngineStartSwitch.jpg 14HeatSinks.jpg 15ExhaustShutoffValve.jpg 16GuagePanel.jpg
17WaterPurificationUnit 18InstrumentPanel 19InstrumentPanel 20EngineConRods
17WaterPurificationUnit.jpg 18InstrumentPanel.jpg 19InstrumentPanel.jpg 20EngineConRods.jpg
21ViewForward 22InstrumentPanel 23ControlPanel 24Lathe
21ViewForward.jpg 22InstrumentPanel.jpg 23ControlPanel.jpg 24Lathe.jpg

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