Submarine USS Ling SS-297 - Control Room
Bill Maloney
Image removed at the request the USS Ling Museum

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01WideViewForward 02InstrumentPanel 03ConningTower 04DivingControls
01WideViewForward.jpg 02InstrumentPanel.jpg 03ConningTower.jpg 04DivingControls.jpg
05DepthGuage 06DeckHatch 07RangeNHeadingIndicator 08DivingControls
05DepthGuage.jpg 06DeckHatch.jpg 07RangeNHeadingIndicator.jpg 08DivingControls.jpg
09Guages 10BallastTankControls 11ControlPanel 12AlarmControls
09Guages.jpg 10BallastTankControls.jpg 11ControlPanel.jpg 12AlarmControls.jpg

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