Destroyer Escort USS Slater - Volunteers & Staff
Bill Maloney

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17PASystemTroubleshooting 18WeldingDeptChargeRacks 19TimRizzutoApproves 20PreparingToGrindRust
17 Jerry Jones Doing PA System Troubleshooting 18 Bob Welding Depth Charge Racks 19 Tim Rizzuto Approves Dave & Bob's Work 20 Preparing To Grind Rust
21WeldingDeptChargeRacks 22WeldingQualityControl 23TimNJapaneseFilmCrew 24DeptChargeRackFabrication
21 Bob Bareis Welding Depth Charge Racks 22 Dave Conducts Welding Quality Control 23 Tim & Japanese Film Crew 24 Bob and Chris Dennis Fabricate the new rear Starboard Depth Charge Rack
25WeldingDeptChargeRacks 26USSSlaterVolunteer 29InteriorPainting 30InteriorPainting
25 Bob Bareis & Dave Welding Depth Charge Racks 26 Dave Marden USS Slater Volunteer 29 Interior Painting 30 Interior Painting by Earl
31InteriorPainting 32OngoingSlaterTours 33OngoingSlaterTours 34 SQS-4 sonar stack SetDemo
31 Earl Herchenroder doing some Interior Painting 32 Ongoing Slater Tours 33 T. McLaughlin Conducting Ongoing Slater Tours 34 SQS-4 Sonar Stack Set Demo

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