SS Slater - October 2017 Work Week
Bill Maloney

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01USSSlater 02USSSlater 03USSSlater 04MorningCoffeeBig
01 USS Slater 02 USS Slater 03 USS Slater 04 Morning Coffee Big
05MorningCoffeeReallyBig 06USSSlater 07DE766AbutmentDay 08DE766
05 Morning Coffee Really Big 06 USS Slater 07 DE-766 08 DE-766
09WeekendBattleDamage 10HedgeHogRocketProjectors 11DE766ThreeInchGun 12DE766Dockside
09 Weekend Battle Damage 10 Hedge Hog Rocket Projectors 11 DE-766 Three Inch Gun 12 DE-766 Dockside

These are some shots I took during the October 2017 Work Week aboard the USS Slater. There really was a lot of work done during the week. I took these after we quit for the day or in the early hours before we started.

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