Crossing The Equator January 30, 1944
Bill Maloney

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01DadGetsGreasedUp 02HaircutNShave 03CaptainNemo 04GettingTheChair 05AVeryScaryBunch
Dad Gets Greased Up Haircut & A Shave Captain Nemo Getting The Chair A Very Scary Bunch
06CaptainNemo 07AGreasyBath 08HomelyMermaids 09AnotherVictimInTheChair 10MoreOilyBathwater
Captain Nemo A Greasy Bath Homely Mermaids Another Victim In The Chair More Oily Bathwater
11NemoHoldsCourt 12AWholeLotOfBoobs 13AreThoseReal 14ThatsNotBrylCream 15NiceBow
Nemo Holds Court A Whole Lot Of Boobs Are Those Real? That's Not Bryl Cream Nice Bow

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