German Aircraft Somewhere in Europe, 1945
Bob Swan

01Dornier217 02BobNDornier217 03Dornier217 04Dornier217 05JU87Stuka
Dornier 217 Bob & Dornier 217 Dornier 217 Dornier 217 JU-87 Stuka
06BobNStuka 07JU87Stuka      
Bob & Stuka JU-87 Stuka

These photos are from a captured German Airfield right before or after V-E Day. The first is a very late variant of the Dornier 217. It has the exhaust flash surpressors of a night fighter to hide the glow of the exhuast stacks at night. It also has the hypnotic prop spinner spirals of a day fighter. These were said to be very effective when first used to throw off the aim of bomber gunners when attacking from an angle. Instead of using leading the aircraft, the distraction of the spiral spinner drew the gunner's focus right to the aircraft. The second is a JU-87 Stuka diver bomber. Notice the bullet holes at the top of the fuselage.

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