Building The Sassafras Lapstrake Canoe
Bill Maloney

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01WoodenBoatSchool 02WhereWeSlept 03AligningPlanks 04AligningPlanks 05GluingPlanksTogether
WoodenBoat School Where We Slept Aligning Planks Aligning Planks Gluing Planks Together
06BillClampingDownGluedPlanks 07PlankGluingDemo 08GluingPlanks 09LayingTape 10GluingRails
Bill Clamping Down Glued Planks Plank Gluing Demo Gluing Planks Laying Tape Gluing Rails
11GluingRails 12GluingRails 13TheGlueHitsMe 14TimeForCoffee 15BeginningTheSewing
Gluing Rails Gluing Rails The Glue Hits Me Time For Coffee Beginning The Sewing

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