USS The Sullivans DD-537 - Bofors 40mm Cannon
Bill Maloney

01Bofors40mmCannon 02Bofors40mmCannon 03Bofors40mmCannon 04Bofors40mmCannon
01 Bofors 40mm Cannon 02 Bofors 40mm Cannon 03 Bofors 40mm Cannon 04 Bofors 40mm Cannon
05Bofors40mmCannon 06Bofors40mmCannon 07Bofors40mmGunsight 08Bofors40mmRearView
05 Bofors 40mm Cannon 06 Bofors 40mm Cannon 07 Bofors 40mm Gunsight 08 Bofors 40mm RearView
09Bofors40mmCannon 10Bofors40mmCannon    
09 Bofors 40mm Cannon 10 Bofors 40mm Cannon

USS The Sullivans Bofors 40mm Anti Aircraft Cannon

Bofors 40mm Cannon Specifications:

Bore: 40mm/56 Caliber
Shell Weight :
Shell Length: 17.62 inches
Shell Types: Anti Aircraft Hi Explosive & Armor Piercing
Horizontal Range : 11,200 yds (2.3 miles) at 40° elevation
Maximum Verticle Range: 22,300 feet
Armor Penetration Capability: 1.2" Steel at 2,000yds
Rate of Fire : 160 Rounds Per Minute Per Barrel Max
Muzzle Velocity: 2,890fps
Gun Weight: 1,100lbs
Crew: 7
Number of Mounts:
2 Dual Mounts
Entered US Service: 1942

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