USS Little Rock CLG-4 - Talos Missiles
Bill Maloney

01TalosMissile 02TalosMissile 03TalosMissileLauncher 04TalosMissileLauncher
01 Talos Missile 02 Talos Missile 03 Talos Missile Launcher 04 Talos Missile Launcher
05MissileRamjetIntake 06TalosMissileManeuveringFins 07TalosMissileTailFins 08TalosMissileLauncher
05 Missile Ramjet Intake 06 Talos Missile Maneuvering Fins 07 Talos Missile Tail Fins 08 Talos Missile Launcher
09TalosMissile 10TalosMissileLauncher 11TalosMissileExhaust 12TalosMissile
09 Talos Missile 10 Talos Missile Launcher 11 Talos Missile Exhaust 12 Talos Missile

Talos RIM-8 Missile Specifications:

Length: 38 feet, 0 inches
Diameter: 2 feet, 4 inches
Launch Weight: 7,800lbs
Cruise Speed: Mach 2.5
Range: 115 miles
Maximum Height: 80,000 feet
Guidance: Radar beam riding and semi active radar homing
Thrust: Static - 500lbs Maximum - 770lbs
Powerplant: Stage 1: Mk 11 Solid Fueled Rocket Booster / Stage II: Bendix Ramjet Engine
 Conventional - 300lb HE
 Nuclear - W30 Nuclear Warhead 2-5 Kiloton Yield
Manufactured by: Bendix Corp.
First Flight: 1958

Here is a Youtube video of a Talos Missile training film, produced by and declassified by the US Navy. The film is really quite interesting and goes through the assembly, testing, and launching of the Talos missiles.

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