Submarine USS Lionfish SS-298 - Galley & Heads
Bill Maloney

01ShowerFixtures 02WardroomGalley 03Wardroom 04Wardroom
01 Shower Fixtures 02 Wardroom Galley 03 Wardroom 04 Wardroom
05OfficersSink 06Galley 07Galley 08Galley
05 Officer's Sink 06 Galley 07 Galley 08 Galley
09IceCreamMachine 10GalleySinks 11CrewsSink 12CrewsHead
09 Ice Cream Machine 10 Galley Sinks 11 Crew's Sink 12 Crew's Head

If you take a camera, remember that when you are shooting though the plexiglass partitions and using flash, always shoot at an angle to the glass to prevent the flash from bouncing back into the lens.

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