Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome - Fokker D.VII 1918
Bill Maloney

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01FokkerDVIITailView 02FokkerDVIITailView 03FokkerDVIITailView 04FokkerDVIIFuselage
01 Fokker DVII Tail View 02 Fokker DVII Tail View 03 Fokker DVII Tail View 04 Fokker DVII Fuselage
05FokkerDVII 06FokkerDVIICockpit 07FokkerDVII 08FokkerDVIIPilot
05 Fokker DVII 06 Fokker DVII Cockpit 07 Fokker DVII 08 Fokker DVII Pilot
09FokkerDVIITailView 10FokkerDVII 11FokkerDVIILandingGear 12FokkerDVIIFuselage
09 Fokker DVII Tail View 10 Fokker DVII 11 Fokker DVII Landing Gear 12 Fokker DVII Fuselage

Fokker DVII Specifications:

Length: 23 feet 0 inches
29 feet, 3 inches
9 feet, 3 inches
1,500 lbs Empty ____ Max
Max Speed: 124 mph
Cruise Speed: ___
Range: 1.5 hours endurance
Service Ceiling: 22,000 feet
Powerplant: BMW III inline 6 - 185 hp
Armament: 2 7.92mm air cooled LMG machine guns
First Flight : January, 1918

An original unrestored Fokker DVII can be found at the Brome County Museum in Knowlton, Quebec. Fokker DVII at the Brome County Musuem, Knowlton, Quebec
Fokker DVII German Biplane at the US Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH Another excellent reproduction of a Fokker DVII can be found in The Early Years of Aviation Gallery at the US Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH

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