Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum - A-18 Air and Space Gyrocopter
Bill Maloney

01A18AirSpaceGyrocopter 02A18AirSpaceGyrocopter 03A18CoolingAirIntake 04A18MainGear
01 A-18 Air Space Gyrocopter 02 A18 Air Space Gyrocopter 03 A18 Cooling AirIntake 04 A18 Main Gear
05A18Engine 06A18Engine 07A18Engine 08A18RotorHead
05 A18 Engine 06 A18 Engine 07 A18 Engine 08 A18 Rotor Head
09A18AirSpaceGyrocopter 10A18AirSpaceGyrocopter 11A18AirSpaceGyrocopter  
09 A18 Air Space Gyrocopter 10 A18 Air Space Gyrocopter 11 A18 Air Space Gyrocopter

A-18 Air and Space Gyrocopter Specifications:

Overall Length:
Rotor Diameter:


Empty 1,800 lbs Loaded - 1,300 lbs
Max Speed: 97 mph
Cruise Speed: mph
Range: miles
Service Ceiling: 10,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: ? gallons
Powerplant: Lycoming 4cyl air cooled opposed fuel injected gas engine 180hp
First Flight : 1965
Cost: $

I haven' t been able to find much on this aircraft. If you know where I can find the details I'll be glad to add them to the page.

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