Military Museum Of Southern New England - M792 Gamma Goat Medical Truck Ambulance
Bill Maloney

01M792GamaGoatAmbulance 02M792GamaGoatAmbulance 03M792GamaGoat 03M792GamaGoatInterior
01 M792 Gama Goat Ambulance 02 M792 Gama Goat Ambulance 03 M792 Gama Goat 03 M792 Gama Goat Interior
04M792GamaGoatInterior 05M792GamaGoatInterior 06M792GamaGoatAmbulance 07M792GamaGoatPoweredTraile
04 M792 Gama Goat Interior 05 M792 Gama Goat Interior 06 M792 Gama Goat Ambulance 07 M792 Gama Goat Powered Trailer
08M792GamaGoatPoweredTraile 09M792GamaGoatMedicalTruck 10M792GamaGoatMedicalTruck  
08 M792 Gama Goat Powered Trailer 09 M792 Gama Goat Medical Truck 10 M792 Gama Goat Medical Truck

M792 Gama Goat Medical Truck Ambulance Specifications:

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M792 Gamma Goat Ambulance M792 Gamma Goat Ambulance
Another M792 Gamma Goat Medical Truck at the Vermont Miitia Museum in Essex Junction, VT M792 Gamma Goat Ambulance at the Allegheny Arms & Armor Museum in Smethport, PA

Length: 18 feet 10 inches
6 feet, 10 inches
7 feet, 6 inches
3 +
7,300lbs, 10,200lbs max
Max Speed: 55mph
Range: miles
Armor: None - aluminum body for light weight with flotation compartments
Powerplant: Detroit Diesel Series 53 3cyl 2 stroke diesel engine 103hp
Fuel Capacity: 40 gallons
Entered Service: 1969
Unit Cost: $8,000

All six wheels of the Gama Goat are driven, the trailer via an articulated driveshaft. The M792 has 4 wheel steering which make the vehicle extremely maneuverable, but tricky to drive for those unfamiliar with the M792's handling characteristics. This vehicle is amphibious with the wheels providing the drive in water.

Here's a Youtube video of a Gama Goat doing a hillclimb in a sand pit. This Gama Goat video is even better. Watch carefully early in the video. The driver motors along a side slope until the M792 flips onto its side. The driver then puts his arm out as it almost rolls over, then rolls back on it's side. With no rollover protection that was a near fatality.

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