Diefenbunker Cold War Museum - The Lost Bedroom
Bill Maloney

01TheLostBedroom 02LostBedroomShelf 03BunkBeds 04LostBedroomShelves
01 The Lost Bedroom 02 Lost Bedroom Shelf 03 Bunk Beds 04 Lost Bedroom Shelves
05Footlocker 06BunkBeds 07BunkBeds 08Lockers
05 Footlocker 06 Bunk Beds 07 Bunk Beds 08 Lockers

When the Diefenbunker was closed down all the bedrooms were stripped of their bedding and furnishings. Except this one. It is the only bedroom that is equipped as it originally was when the Diefenbunker was built. It's not clear if the room was overlooked by accident or by design.

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