Diefenbunker Cold War Museum - Prime Ministers Quarters
Bill Maloney

01OuterOffices 02MinistersOffice 03DeputyMinistersOffice 04PrimeMinistersOffice
01 Outer Offices 02 Minister's Office 03 Deputy Minister's Office 04 Prime Minister's Office
05PrimeMinistersOffice 06PrimeMinistersOffice 07PrimeMinistersBedroom 08PrimeMinistersBathroom
05 Prime Minister's Office 06 Prime Minister's Office 07 Prime Minister's Bedroom 08 Prime Minister's Bathroom
09PrimeMinistersBathroom 10PrimeMinistersBathroom 11PrimeMinistersToilet 12OuterOffices
09 Prime Minister's Bathroom 10 Prime Minister's Bathroom 11 Prime Minister's Toilet 12 Outer Offices
13 John Diefenbaker Photo

No, I did not pee in the Prime Minister's toilet.

Although it looks like somebody did.

I didn't leave the seat up either!

(Actually the tap water had a noticable tinge to it so I'm guessing the facility uses well water)

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