Diefenbunker Cold War Museum - Machine Room
Bill Maloney

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01MachineRoomDoor 02Generator 03Generator 04GeneratorPiston
01 Machine Room Door 02 Generator 03 Generator 04 Generator Piston
05Boiler 06CleaverBrothersBoiler 07HeatingSystemWaterTanks 08ShockMountedBoiler
05 Boiler 06 Cleaver Brothers Boiler 07 Heating System Water Tanks 08 Shock Mounted Boiler
09HeaterDuctwork 10GeneratorControlPanel 11GeneratorControlRoom 12MachineRoom
09 Heater Ductwork 10 Generator Control Panel 11 Generator Control Room 12 Machine Room
13HotWaterPump 14FireSuppressionWaterValve 15WaterPump 16FireSupressionPumpControl
13 Hot Water Pump 14 Fire Suppression Water Valve 15 Water Pump 16 Fire Suppression Pump Control

Look for the shock mountings under the boilers and blowers to help prevent damage from the seismic impact of a nuclear blast.

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