Diefenbunker Cold War Museum - Gold Vault
Bill Maloney

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01GoldVault 02GoldVaultDoor 03GoldVaultDoor 04GoldVaultDoorFrame
01 Gold Vault 02 Gold Vault Door 03 Gold Vault Door 04 Gold Vault Door Frame
05GoldVaultDoorHinge 06GoldVaultDoorHinge 07GoldVaultDoorPlungers 08GoldVaultDoorPlungers
05 Gold Vault Door Hinge 06 Gold Vault Door Hinge 07 Gold Vault Door Plungers 08 Gold Vault Door Plungers
09GoldVaultDoor 10GoldVaultDoorLockTumblers 11PressureEqualizationDoor 12PressureEqualizationDoor
09 Gold Vault Door 10 Gold Vault Door Lock Tumblers 11 Pressure Equalization Door 12 Pressure Equalization Door
13PressureEqualizationDoor 14PressureEqualizationDoor 15PressureEqualizationDoor 16PressureEqualizationDoor
13 Pressure Equalization Door 14 Pressure Equalization Door 15 Pressure Equalization Door 16 Pressure Equalization Door

The pressure equalization door would have to be opened first to allow excess airpressure to escape or enter. If there was any diffence in barometric pressure between the vault and the outer air the vault door would be unable to open due to the pressure.

The corridor around the gold vault has a miror at every corner. A guard can see any persons or objects in the corridor from any one point. The purpose of this corridor is to detect any tunnelling activity before the vault walls could be breached.

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