Diefenbunker Cold War Museum - Exterior
Bill Maloney

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01DiefenbunkerGuardHouse 02MainGate 03DiefenbunkerMainEntrance 04AirRaidSiren
01 Diefenbunker Guard House 02 Main Gate 03 Diefenbunker Main Entrance 04 Air Raid Siren
05AirRaidSiren 06VentilationShaft 07CBCRadioAntenna 08CBCRadioAntenna
05 Air Raid Siren 06 Ventilation Shaft 07 CBC Radio Antenna 08 CBC Radio Antenna
09VentilationShaft 10VentilationShaft 11VentilationShaft 12VentilationShaft
09 Ventilation Shaft 10 Ventilation Shaft 11 Ventilation Shaft 12 Ventilation Shaft
13BlastTunnelSecondEntrance 14BlastTunnelSecondEntrance 15VentilationShafts 16ExhaustPipe
13 Blast Tunnel Second Entrance 14 Blast Tunnel Second Entrance 15 Ventilation Shafts 16 Exhaust Pipe

In the event of a near miss nuclear bomb blast, the pressure wave would blow through either the main entrance or the second entrance and straight through the tunnel and out the other side. This was to prevent the blast from directly hitting the steel entrance doors to the Diefenbunker in a passage 90 degrees from the main tunnel.

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