Diefenbunker Cold War Museum - Dining Room
Bill Maloney

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01SnackBar 02SnackBar 03SnackBar 04SnackBar
01 Snack Bar 02 Snack Bar 03 Snack Bar 04 Snack Bar
05MainDiningRoom 06MainDiningRoom 07MainDiningRoom 08MainDiningRoom
05 Main Dining Room 06 Main Dining Room 07 Main Dining Room 08 Main Dining Room
09MainDiningRoom 10MainDiningRoom 11MainDiningRoom 12ServingArea
09 Main Dining Room 10 Main Dining Room 11 Main Dining Room 12 Serving Area
13ServingArea 14Kitchen 15ServingArea 16HardRationsDisplay
13 Serving Area 14 Kitchen 15 Serving Area 16 Hard Rations Display

DK: This dining room was for enlisted personnel.  The officers had a different
room adjacent which was being used for storage while when we visited.

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