Destroyer USS Joseph P. Kennedy DD-850 - Weapons
Bill Maloney

01BowTurret 02BowFiveInchTurret 03Torpedos 04MissileLaunchers
01 Bow 5 Inch Mount 02 Bow Five Inch Mount 03 Torpedos 04 ASROC Launchers
05MissileLauncher 06MissileLaunchers 07AftTurret  
05 ASROC Launcher 06 ASROC Launchers 07 Aft Five Inch Mount

LCDR Rod Joye wrote and helped me correct a couple of points on the armament of the USS Joseph P. Kennedy:

1.  All naval guns, 5" or less are mounts not turrets.  Turrets are guns where the gun mechanism sits in a barbette, which is an intergal part of the hull.  Mounts are guns where the gun mechanism is actually bolted to the deck.

2.  ASROC stands for AntiSubmarine Rocket.  It is an unguided rocket, not a guided missile.  Therefore the ASROC launcher is not a missile launcher.

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