Destroyer USS Joseph P. Kennedy DD-850 - Interior Views
Bill Maloney

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01StorageLocker 02Office 03Radios 04Sickbay
01 Storage Locker 02 Office 03 Radios 04 Sickbay
05Sickbay 06Office 07Laundry 08Stairwell
05 Sickbay 06 Office 07 Laundry 08 Stairwell
09CrewsBunks 10Intercom 11MarkIFireControlComputer 12GyroCompass
09 Crew's Bunks 10 Intercom 11 Mark I Fire Control Computer 12 Gyro Compass

The more interesting rooms in the ship are blocked off with plexiglass. That is what's causing the ghosting and flare in some of these photos.

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