Canada Aviation Museum WWII Aircraft / 17 Hawker Sea Fury
Bill Maloney

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17 Hawker Sea Fury

17 Hawker Sea Fury

Hawker Sea Fury Specifications:

Hawker Sea Fury
Hawker Sea Fury at the Canada Aviation Museum

Length: 34 feet, 8 inches
Wingspan: 38 feet, 4 inches
Height: 15 feet 10 inches
Empty - 9,200lbs Takeoff - 12,500lbs
Max Speed: 460mph at 18,800 feet
Cruise Speed: 390mph
Range: 700 miles on internal fuel, 1,040 with external drop tanks
Service Ceiling: 35,800 feet
Fuel Capacity: 250 gallons internally, 220 externally
Powerplant: Bristol Centaurus 18 Cylinder Radial Engine engine 2,480hp
 Four 20mm Hispano Mk V wing mounted cannon
 Up to 2,000lbs of bombs & rockets
First Flight : October 1945